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AT Paper Tube Recutter

AT Paper Tube Recutter Description
 Paper Tube Recutter Name : AT Paper Tube Recutter Item No. : TU-AT-AT TU-AT-AT automatic tube cutter is developed from drawing the essences of the same kind machines abroad and accumulating experiences. It is processed of many advantages such as high-automatic degree, proper structure, stable properties, convenient operation and reliable quality. Especially, the properties and the technical parameters reach the international advanced level. It is the ideal paper tubes cutting machine.

AT Paper Tube Recutter Technical parameters:

max diameter: 150mm (changeable)
max length: 1600mm (changeable)
sets of cut-blades: 11 sets (changeable)
thickness of cutted tubes: 4 -20mm (changeable)
speed: 30cycle/min
air pressure: 0.4-0.5Mpa
operator: 1 person
size: 2500 700 1300 (mm)