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FT-S600 Edge Board Machine

Name : Edge board machine Item No. : FT-S600

yinon FT-S600 Edge board machine (angle board machinery,Edge Board Machine)integrated with internally advanced PLC computer programming technology, variable frequency speed control and a control system for human-computer interface parameter input and display, is a highly automated, fast, stable and reliable equipment for manufacturing paper angleboads which is the most advanced in China and the only one that has been granted several national patents. The operating principle is as below: base paper is unreeled via the paper feeding holder; put through the glue rack to get coated with glue and then through a taping mechanism; then through the pressure wheel sets to receive intense rolling; and finally through a synchronous oil-hydraulic type cutoff bench to be output as finished products. The equipment is characterized in that
Model FT-S600
Total Power(W) 11.5kw(servo 4.5kw , motor 5.5kw other 1.5kw)
Dimension(L*W*H) Around 30000 x 1500 x 1700mm per set
Weight Around 3700KG
Voltage 380V
Working speed 40m/min
Min. cutting length 40 mm (better with 50mm)
L edge protector thickness 1-10 mm
Applicable glue type  PVA and PVC
Quantity of shaft for paper roll 16
Paper roll diameter Max. 1400 mm
Paper roll weight Max. 400 kg
produce both edgeboards and flatboards  Must be by replacing group of profilators on wheels
 Paper roll width 40 - 350 mm
Core diameter of paper reel 76mm(3 inch)
Cutting precision ±0.5mm
90°Angle Ctting Unit Available (Puching Hole on L edge protector and fold with 90°)
Service Engineer available to service machinery 
FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 1
FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 1

Yinon edge board machinery fast speed and high production efficiency
8 sets of shaping pressure wheels; 4KW major motor; variable frequency speed control; production rate can be up to 28m per minute; paper angleboard can be stably shaped and the angle can be controlled within 87 angle - 90 angle.

FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 2
FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 2

Yinon edge board machinery high rate of non-defective product
 the equipment is provided with specially designed air compressing system, electrically operated paper feeding and taping mechanisms, and box-type double-sided lamination system which could enable even coating of glue and save the consumption; much neat and more favorable taping can be realized and surface paper won`t be torn easily; the product is more sturdy.

FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 3
YN-IV Edge Board Machine Characteristic 3

Yinon edge board machinery wide scope of production
precisely manufactured pressing wheel of large diameter, with high-frequency treated surface that plated with hard chrome. Produced paper angleboard may have a maximum width of 110MM*110MM, minimum width of 25MM*25MM and thickness of 2mm-9MM; surface paper can be fully enveloped or half enveloped; it`s also uniquely characterized by manufacturing unequilateral paper anglebords.  

FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 4
FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 4

Easy to operate and high automated
integrated with internationally advanced Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programming control and provided with human-computer interface touch screen introduced from Taiwan and automatic glue-coating device; linear/split-seat type paper feeding holder enables paper receiving without interruption of operation and arbitrarily change of product specs and length; the human-computer interface is capable of saving several regular specs and enables searching records of latest three production operations for checking faults of the equipment, which may realize great decrease in working strength of operators.

FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 5
The cutting length can be more accurate, controlled within 2000MM - plus and minus2MM, realizing less waste of raw materials and saving of production cost
FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 6
This equipment also can be used to manufacture special paper leboards containing steel sheets and to carry out coating of products with damp-proof gloss oil. eries for high performance audio reproduction.
FT-S600 Edge Board Machine Characteristic 7
Produced paper angleboards are completely in conformity with standard BB/T0023-2004.