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Yinon hardware machinery factory was established in 2000. It is an enterprise that specialized in advanced and exact automated machine equipment, development and mangle board machine manufacturers of paper machine. The main products involved packaging machine, paper machine, angle board machine, edge board machine, edge protector plant,angle board machine manufacturers angle protection line, automated equipment. Yinon is the latest and specialization enterprise which contact, introduce and product paper angle protector equipment in domestic. Our paper angle board machine is the most advanced, Highest-automate, highest production speed, highest production efficiency and the easiest to operation equipment.angle board machine manufacturers

Total Power(W)11.5kw(servo 4.5kw , motor 5.5kw other 1.5kw)
Dimension(L*W*H)Around 31000 x 1500 x 1700mm per set
WeightAround 4100KG
 Working speed40m-60/min
Min. Cutting length40 mm (better with 50mm)
L edge protector thickness1-10 mm
Applicable glue typePVA and PVC
Quantity of shaft for paper roll16
Paper roll diameterMax. 1400 mm
Paper roll weightMax. 400 kg
Paper Product StyleEdge board and angle board
Edge protector leg width25-100mm each side
Core diameter of paper reel76mm(3 inch)
Cutting precision±0.5mm
90° Angle Ctting UnitAvailable (Puching Hole on L edge protector and fold with 90°)
ServiceEngineer available to service machinery