angle board machine

slitter & rewinder

1.0-paper slitting and rewinding machine, Model FG-2
  ※ Used to slit the paper to the required width , with hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand. Paper roll max width 1600mm and 1300mm diameter can be loaded and slitted. There are 20 blades top and down with adjustable, slitted as two rewinding shaft. The tension and position of rewinding can be adjustable by paper mill roll stand.
  ※ Width of paper roll                      : 800mm-1600mm
  ※ Paper grade                              : 80㎡-500g/㎡
  ※ Max diameter of paper roll               : 1300mm
  ※ Power supply                             : 5.5KW/380V/60HZ + 2.2KW(hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand)
  ※ Rewinding speed                          : 200m/mt
  ※ Machinery dimension                      : 3300MM*1750MM*1500MM
  ※ Paper roll inside core diameter          : 76MM(3 inches)
  ※ Rewind paper roll diameter               : Max 1100mm
  ※ Rewind paper small roll width            : Minimum 40mm
  ※ Paper stand                              : hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand
  ※ Weight                                   : 3 tons